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What is support? A lot of people instantly think about the lousy time they have spent on the telephone with a not-so-knowledgable person, constantly being placed on hold while they ask someone else and wasting your precious time. Our idea of support is much like our idea of customer service.
Let me give you an example:
Our customer, one who is a well-known supplier of military equipment, had awarded us a job consisting of a number of very short wiring harnesses. The parts were specified and we built them to the exact specifications. A week later we received a phone call stating that the contact on the connector was not staying in place. Through research it was determined that it was no fault of ours, but that the pin on the connector was not captivated - which is how it was designed. Instantly, our engineer went to work and re-tooled each connector. The pin no longer moved. The customer was happy because there was no delay while we searched for new parts nor any rework of the specifications. We are not saying that this is any shining example of engineering know-how, but it is our ability to shift priorities and multitask so that no customer feels the brunt of the issues that come up. We will make it work. We test and retest. We can say we truely offer support.

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